Memphis Kiddie Park


Fly Kiddie Park Airways! Our fleet of five shiney airplanes hold two pilots each as they gently turn in a small circle. As our gentlest ride, this is a great ride for our youngest guests but is still enjoyed even by the more experienced Kiddie Park rider. The original ride from 1952 had aluminum planes which were later replaced with the current fiberglass jets.

Big Creek & Memphis Railway

Come aboard the Big Creek & Memphis Railway! This 1890's style locomotive pulls a coal tender and two passenger cars along a track that circles the entire park. It's the perfect ride for the entire family to ride together.


Take a cruise aboard our boat ride, where six brightly-colored yachts loop around as they float on a pool of water. Each boat has room for four sailors and features steering wheels, ship's horns and bells. The Kiddie Boats are an original 1952 Allan Herschell ride although we interchange the original aluminum boat with a newer (ca. 1070) fiberglass speed boat every few years.

Electric Roadway

Take a drive down State Highway 52 on Memphis Kiddie Park's Electric Roadway ride. Five automobiles, each with two steering wheels for two riders, follow curves and straightaways on a winding ride that passes underneath The Little Dipper. The entire ride, another Allan Herschell original, has been completely restored for the 2015 season.

Ferris Wheel

What would an amusement park be without a Ferris Wheel? Memphis Kiddie Park's Ferris Wheel features six enclosed cars that give each rider a bird's eye view of the park as they rise 12 feet above the Midway.


If you hear giggles from across the park, it's probably coming from riders on our Allan Heschell Jeep Ride. The funny faces on each of eight spinning jeeps quickly match those of their riders as they go up and down around a bumpy track. Ask nicely, and the ride operator will gladly give you an extra spin when you come around!

Little Dipper

The Little Dipper is Kiddie Park's most famous ride. It has been recognized by the American Coaster Enthusiasts as the oldest steel coaster still operating in North America. As it did in 1952, this roller coaster thrills even our adult riders and never ceases to create lines of eager passengers. In 2014, the entire ride received a make-over with a brand new sign on the top of the hill that is a close replica of the original 1952 sign.


The Merry-Go-Round, with its calliope music heard throughout the park, is Kiddie Park's classic gem. This 30-horse carrousel greets every visitor on their way in and again on their way out of the park. The Merry-Go-Round also features seats for eight riders who prefer not to mount one of the individually hand-painted horses. While it has undergone many upgrades over the years, this is an original Allan Herschell Merry-Go-Round and one of many across the world that still provide smiles to families.

Pony Carts

Cheerfully painted ponies pull individual two-wheel carts along a long track where kids get to see all of the rides along the Midway. If the timing is right, riders may even get to travel alongside the train as it barrels along its route running parallel to the Pony Carts. The Electric Pony Cart is another Allan Herschell ride which was the second ride to be added after Kiddie Park opened.


Get ready for lift-off aboard these rocket ships that actually take off into the air and provide awesome views of the park. Another Allan Herschell original, this ride has masqueraded over the years as the Ninja Turtle Rockets and the Comets. The ride has been returned to its original design for the 2016 season. The Sky Fighter has brought smiles to riders since its 1952 debut.

Turtle Chase

This is the newest attraction at Memphis Kiddie Park, installed in 2017 to replace the old Hand Car ride. Three cute turtles let you sit inside while they chase each other in a circle over a very bumpy ride. This is an original ride from the early 1950's that we have totally restored and upgraded for many more years of excitement.