Memphis Kiddie Park
Special Dietary Needs Policy

Memphis Kiddie Park offers a variety of food products for sale. We are able to provide guests with any information needed in regards to the food products and related ingredients that we use in the Park. Any guests inquiring about specific dietary requirements should speak to a food service supervisor.

Guests who have a medical condition which prevents them from consuming the food products available at the Park, may bring into the Park a pre-packed home prepared meal, packed in an individual lunch container or paper lunch bag, solely for the guest with the medical condition. Meals must be peanut-free and must be packed in, or at least fit within, a small, school size lunch box or plain paper lunch bag. Fast food – including its packaging and containers – is strictly forbidden at the Park. This accommodation is only available for those individuals who have a food allergy and/or other medical condition which prevents them from consuming the food that the Park sells to its guests. Accordingly, it is not to be used as a healthy food choice option for individuals without such an allergy or medical condition, or for any other reason, such as convenience or personal preference. This policy will be strictly enforced by the Park.

So as to assure all guests of an alcohol free environment, beverages may not be brought into the Park under any circumstance.

Memphis Kiddie Park strives to make every effort to create an enjoyable visit for you and all of our other guests.